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Working at Getty Images

Our growth and innovation continues to create a variety of challenging career opportunities in each of our office locations around the world.* We encourage those who are highly talented and qualified in all areas to explore these current opportunities.

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The Culture of Getty Images

Our Leadership Principles

We want to attract candidates who embody a personal commitment to the following Leadership Principles. These principles define the kind of company we aim to be and form the cornerstone of everything we do:
  • Trustworthiness, Transparency and Openness. We insist on honesty, integrity and openness.
  • Raise the Bar. It is incumbent upon us to increase our standards of performance and strive for excellence.
  • Lead by Example. We are stewards of excellence and consistently demonstrate our values.
  • One Voice. Collective responsibility must be embraced.
  • Bring Me Solutions. Identifying a problem is important, but finding the solution is far more valuable.
  • No silos. It’s not “their” problem — it’s “our” problem.
  • The Obligation to Care. We must truly care about this business and our colleagues.
At Getty Images, these principles are not just slogans but deeply felt statements that identify what we value and what we practice.

Our Compelling Offer

Just as we define what we expect from each employee, Our Compelling offer defines the experience we hope to provide to each employee. Our goal is to form a deep attachment between every employee and the company. There are five key goals that we focus on:
  • Reinforcing and strengthening our employees' understanding and personal experience of the company and product quality.
  • Ensuring employee and departmental contributions are recognized regularly and effectively.
  • Rewarding all employees fairly and equitably.
  • Fostering outstanding management and leadership at Getty Images.
  • Giving our employees the necessary tools and resources to fully develop their career potential.
Together, the Leadership Principles and Compelling Offer give deep insight into the culture of our company. If you find this vision attractive, we invite you to take a look at the diverse career opportunities we offer around the world.*

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*Please note: Unless specified, we are not in a position to sponsor visa applications in connection with these vacancies. If you do have dual nationality or the appropriate visa status to work in your preferred destination, we welcome your application. Please clearly indicate your current visa status on your email application.

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