·  Alfred Eisenstaedt
·  Andreas Feininger
·  Lewis Hine
·  Terry O'Neil
·  Slim Aarons
·  Margaret Bourke-White
·  Bill Brandt
·  Julia Margaret Cameron
·  William England
·  Murray Garrett
·  Ernst Haas
·  Bert Hardy
·  Thurston Hopkins
·  George Hurrell
·  Kurt Hutton
·  Gjon Mili
·  Arnold Newman
·  Sasha
·  Weegee
·  Petrified Films
·  The Prelinger Collection
·  Andre de La Varre
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One of the largest and most comprehensive collections of vintage educational and industrial films in the world, the Prelinger Collection contains thousands of films depicting American life throughout the 20th century.

Rick Prelinger founded the Prelinger Archives in 1983 in New York. Over the next 20 years, his collection grew into over 48,000 "ephemeral" films (advertising, educational, industrial and amateur). Containing over 10% of the total production of these films, from 1927–1987, it may be the most complete and varied collection in this poorly preserved genre.

Getty Images became its stock footage representative in 1994. In 2002, Prelinger arranged for the Library of Congress to assume preservation responsibilities for the original film elements of the archives, while also making 2,000 key titles available online.

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