·  Matthew Butson
Vice President of Hulton Archive
·  Lenny Hanson
Conservator of Hulton Archive
·  Sarah McDonald
Curator of Hulton Archive
·  Lee Shoulders
Director of Archival Film Content
·  Fox Photos Daybooks
·  Le Grice X-Ray Photograph
·  Roger Bannister breaks four-minute mile, 1954
·  London Stereoscopic Company
·  Rod Steiger, 1955
·  Blondin Crossing Niagara Falls, 1858
·  Tennyson's Idylls of the King, 1873
·  The Great East River Suspension Bridge, 1886
·  Hay Elevator, 1937
·  Eva Peron, 1951
·  Marilyn Monroe, 1956
·  Lauren Bacall, 1954
·  The Express Collection
·  Conservation
Matthew Butson, Vice President of Hulton Archive

Matthew Butson's exposure to the Hulton Archive dates back to 1985, when he started as the assistant-in-charge of the Negative Unit for the then BBC Hulton Picture Library. He rose through the ranks and gained familiarity with all aspects of our archive, from production control to marketing to general management and director of collections to, finally, becoming vice president in 2002. With over 19 years of archival experience, Matthew is a passionate and authoritative voice and has published prolifically on our collections, conservation and master photographers. His articles are available in this section.