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Tennyson's Idylls of the King, 1873
Photographer: Julia Margaret Cameron

In 1875, Victorian photographic pioneer Julia Margaret Cameron gifted a set of albums from her last major works (Idylls of the King) to her sister-in-law Virginia Somers. These very albums since came into our possession, yet we have no records pertaining directly to their acquisition. The two volumes were reconstructed previously, but incorrectly paginated with some plates missing. We employed a professional conservation bookbinder to undertake the meticulous restoration work, whom, in dismantling the albums, discovered the missing plates sandwiched between leaves. As few as eight of the rare 19th century albums are still in existence, mostly in major museums.

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A view inside the restoration room with the finished album propped on the table.

Frontispiece of Idylls of the King showing water damage and page discoloration.

Image of the author Lord Alfred Tennyson, prepared for the restoration process.

Cover of album showing water damage to corner.

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