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Marilyn Monroe/Keystone Collection, 1956
Photographer: Unknown

Recently retrieved from the files in the Hulton Archive was a sequence of 1956 negatives of Marilyn Monroe and her husband Arthur Miller. Here, the two are seen departing the Comedy Theatre in London after a performance of Miller’s play, A View from the Bridge. As part of our ongoing specialist preservation and conservation work, conservator Lenny Hanson was able to restore the image to its former glory.

The imagery was found in a battered brown envelope with the original handwritten description "Marilyn Monroe and her husband."

One of the glass negatives was smashed to pieces. The fragments were eased onto a new glass support using a dilute PVA solution, a process akin to putting a jigsaw puzzle back together. The darkroom was able to make a new positive hand-print using the traditional method.

The print was digitized and retouched in Photoshop, restoring the quality of the original.

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