·  Matthew Butson
Vice President of Hulton Archive
·  Lenny Hanson
Conservator of Hulton Archive
·  Sarah McDonald
Curator of Hulton Archive
·  Lee Shoulders
Director of Archival Film Content
·  Fox Photos Daybooks
·  Le Grice X-Ray Photograph
·  Roger Bannister breaks four-minute mile, 1954
·  London Stereoscopic Company
·  Rod Steiger, 1955
·  Blondin Crossing Niagara Falls, 1858
·  Tennyson's Idylls of the King, 1873
·  The Great East River Suspension Bridge, 1886
·  Hay Elevator, 1937
·  Eva Peron, 1951
·  Marilyn Monroe, 1956
·  Lauren Bacall, 1954
·  The Express Collection
·  Conservation
London Stereoscopic Company glass-plate negatives

We have 40,000 glass-plate negatives from the London Stereoscopic Company (LSC) archives, which folded in 1922 after 70 years in business. At its peak, LSC was one of the largest and most diverse businesses with a global network of offices and staff photographers, selling and licensing images, cameras, equipment, papers and plates.

Sadly, many of the larger windowpane-sized negatives were recycled for greenhouse glass. Today, some negatives are still wrapped in the brown paper and string parcels acquired by the Hulton library in 1947.

As part of an ongoing program to prevent further deterioration of this important and unique record of Victorian life, the fragile plates are being re-sleeved and re-boxed in archivally sound, acid-free enclosures and housed in a temperature- and humidity-controlled warehouse.

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