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Le Grice X-Ray Photograph

Around 1910, just 15 years after x-rays were discovered, amateur photographer Edward Le Grice experimented with the possibilities of this new technology. Today, his striking photographs are often requested for exhibition and fine-art prints.

This Le Grice print of a Chinese dish was supported on a highly acidic 1.5mm board that tested positive for damaging lignum. The edges of the support were weak, brittle and fragile, with loss of material at the corners and brown discoloration around the image. Surface dirt was evident and there was significant silvering in the dense (black) pattern areas of the photograph.

Damaged corner supported on acidic board.

The board is split and the facing paper found.

Removal of facing paper using bone folder.
Restoring this print to a state close to its original required treatment time of more than seven hours, beginning with removal of the acidic support board. The facing paper was then loosened with a damp blotter and carefully peeled away. Next, adhesive residue was removed using a warm water/IMS solution and a scalpel knife. Removal of surface dirt was accomplished using damp lens tissue, and the fragile corners were repaired with neutral lens tissue and wheat-starch paste. Finally, the print was pressed and housed in a conservation polyester sleeve.

Restored photograph after cleaning and pressing between boards.

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