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·  Roger Bannister breaks four-minute mile, 1954
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Roger Bannister breaks four-minute mile, 6 May 1954 Photographer: Norman Potter

In today’s age where the rewriting of athletic records appears commonplace, Roger Bannister’s remarkable feat in breaking the four-minute-mile barrier still goes down as a part of sporting legend. The moment was captured in one of the most famous sporting photographs of the 20th century by junior photographer Norman Potter, just embarking on his five-year apprenticeship with Fleet Street agency Central Press.

When Hulton Archive VP Matthew Butson rediscovered the original 5x4 glass plate in a box of miscellaneous broken negatives, it was cracked in two. Careful work in our conservation and scanning departments fully restored the negative -- missing for some 20 years -- to its former glory.

The broken halves of the negative were carefully realigned and sandwiched between clean glass. The edges were sealed with conservation tape to prevent movement of the realigned glass and entry of dust.

Once this work was complete, the negative ‘sandwich’ was scanned and Photoshop was used to remove the fracture line from the digital master, restoring the image back to its original state.

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