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  The Pentagon two days after 9/11
  Sent to Vietnam, photographer David Hume Kennerly returned a Pulitzer Prize winner in 1972, aged 25. Two years later, President Gerald Ford made him the official White House photographer for his term in office and he's been shooting presidents, prime ministers and politicians ever since.  
Sen. John Kerry: How easy a subject is he?
He has kind of a Bassett Hound look - there's a lot of character there, some long distance running on that face. His eyes are deep-set, which makes him hard to photograph if the light is coming from above, at which point his mug looks like a pair of dark puddles with a nose and eyebrows attached. We first met years ago up in the Senate. There are few of us left who covered the Vietnam war and are still in the news business. I tend to relate well with people who shared the experience of Vietnam, and he is certainly one of those people.

Does Kerry have any special
photographic instructions?

I can't imagine a politician today who would demand that he or she be photographed in any special way. That would be like a red flag to a bull for most photographers, and they would probably only take pictures from the forbidden side after that! The last person I know who tried was Lyndon B. Johnson, and as far as I know he generally got his way - but you could do that then. When I was President Ford's photographer I would get pictures of him in his pyjamas, which I think qualified as an authentic moment, although I seriously doubt you will see anything like that today.

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