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Ricardo Barcellos
Bela Borsodi
Timur Celikdag
Dean Chalkley
Annie Collinge
Livia Corona
José Pedro Cortes
Popel Coumou
Giovanni Del Brenna
David Ellis
Cao Fei
Peter Funch
Daniel Grizelj
Koen Hauser
Felipe Hellmeister
Milo Keller & Julien Gallico
Nienke Klunder
Karel Kuehne
Félix Larher
Simon Lekias
Sonja Mueller
Matt Nighswander
Holger Pooten
Nicholas Prior
Baerbel Schmidt
Stratis & Beva
Emma Summerton
Alex Tehrani
Phillip Toledano
Martin Wolf Wagner
Ofer Wolberger
Danwen Xing
Txema Yeste
Zoren Gold & Minori

Forewarned is forearmed

This list of names is more than alphabetical ­– it's hypothetical, hopeful and perhaps even controversial.

Gathered by a curatorial team of creatives from around the world, it's a list of the individuals we believe will change advertising imagery in 2007 and for years to come. A list of the talent that may challenge us, that may move us, but, above all, that will reach us.

Put simply, it's a look at what's next. Now.

Cannes Lions 2006 showreel

New Photographers 2007 was unveiled in June at the 2006 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, where Getty Images Group Creative Director Lewis Blackwell was joined by special guest Rankin for a seminar introducing these new faces. See the seminar showreel

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