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Ricardo Barcellos
Bela Borsodi
Timur Celikdag
Dean Chalkley
Annie Collinge
Livia Corona
José Pedro Cortes
Popel Coumou
Giovanni Del Brenna
David Ellis
Cao Fei
Peter Funch
Daniel Grizelj
Koen Hauser
Felipe Hellmeister
Milo Keller & Julien Gallico
Nienke Klunder
Karel Kuehne
Félix Larher
Simon Lekias
Sonja Mueller
Matt Nighswander
Holger Pooten
Nicholas Prior
Baerbel Schmidt
Stratis & Beva
Emma Summerton
Alex Tehrani
Phillip Toledano
Martin Wolf Wagner
Ofer Wolberger
Danwen Xing
Txema Yeste
Zoren Gold & Minori



Thank you.

Why? Because you were so interested and receptive and even argumentative for New Photographers 2006. You responded enthusiastically about your favorites. You sent in emails asking how to get in touch with a talent the other side of the world. You occasionally questioned the ones that you did not think fit the guidance – remarks ranged from “too well known” to “too obscure.” Fortunately, most of the comments were right in the middle, suggesting that New Photographers had met a need. You went off with your notes and - lo! – our visual language moved forward. We would like to think this project helped fertilize that creative evolution in a small way.

This year, in our quest to inspire you with new directions in photography, we reached out even further to creative tastemakers around the globe. The long list of possible artists to present was informed by colleagues and friends in creative industries worldwide.

And here they are - the 35 photographers we've chosen. Now
it's your turn. Tell me what you find in New Photographers 2007.
Share your response .

Lewis Blackwell
Group Creative Director
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July 2, 2006
Leading Brazilian newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo features a conversation on the digitization on the imagery industry with Lewis Blackwell and New Photographers Ricardo Barcellos and Felipe Hellmeister.

June 26, 2006 / © The Independent. Reproduced with permission
Rankin, special guest at the New Photographers 2007 seminar at Cannes, talks about his favorite new photographers with The Independent

June 25, 2006
Dutch website looks at New Photographers 2007 and the Getty Images-sponsored Young Creatives competition at Cannes Lions 2006

June 22, 2006
American Photo's Jay DeFoore profiles the “ thirty-five who are destined to make a significant impact in the world of advertising next year .”

June 22, 2006
New Photographers 2007 launch at Cannes Lions gets a mention in newspaper industry journal Editor & Publisher

June 21, 2006
The British Journal of Photography talks to Lewis Blackwell about the future of advertising in “The International Brigade”

June 21, 2006
Getty Images highlights an international selection of “New Photographers” poised to change the face of advertising


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