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Arnold Newman is acknowledged as one of the great masters of the last century and considered the "Father of Environmental Portraiture." His commercial work for leading US corporations includes annual reports and portraits of CEO executives and private individuals. Newman has photographed a large number of corporate and commercial ads for companies such as IBM, Ford, John Deere and Revlon. His work has been exhibited and collected by major art museums in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and many prominent museums in Europe, Japan and South America.

Newman has contributed to publications such as The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Life, Look, Esquire, Holiday, Harper's Bazaar, Travel and Leisure, Town and Country, Scientific American, The New York Times Magazine, Paris Match, London's Times Magazine and others. In addition to being mentioned in countless articles and histories of photography, Newman is the subject of 14 books and numerous television programs. He is the recipient of awards from leading professional organizations in the US, nine honorary doctorates and several international awards including France's highest creativity award, Commander, Order of Arts and Letters.


WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, JUNE 3, 1940 -- Photographer Arnold Newman.
1951228, Getty Images