200136460-001, Julia Fullerton-Batten
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GI: It's a difficult balance to collaborate with someone creatively and then arrive at a vision that feels good to you.

JFB: We disagree sometimes, but we seem to have quite similar viewpoints on things. Now and then he says, "Oh, we must shoot this because it's very cerebral," and I'll feel I can't do it. I just think, What would people like to have on their walls? or What would they like to look at? We often discuss a shoot quite a lot, then go to the location and test it out. And if it doesn't work, we change it or do something completely different, and that can turn out quite spontaneous as well.

GI: It sounds like you two have a good creative process.

JFB: That's why Getty has been really good, because often you get to shoot what you want -- and yet there's a style they're looking for. You bring your ideas to an art director that you get on well with, and then come back with something that makes you really happy. It's very inspiring.