200128935-001, Julia Fullerton-Batten
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Getty Images: You've won a number of prestigious awards. Has notoriety, or just experience, changed the way you work?

Julia Fullerton-Batten: Well, with Getty Images, I've come to a stage where I feel I can shoot what inspires me. When I do that, the images seem to be more successful. I did two or three shoots where I was shooting ideas that would be saleable, that I didn't feel strongly about. And after we went and shot them, I felt really unsatisfied. Now, when I'm approached with a concept, I bring my personal ideas to it and see how I can combine them with what Getty is asking for.

When Paul [Paul Foster, Art Director, Getty Images] and I get together, we play with a lot of ideas and storyboards. I have three or four meetings before I give a shoot. That way I start with more personal, meaningful ideas, which creates better images.