Curated by Getty Images Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2005
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Anoush Abrar
Olaf Blecker
Kevin Cooley
Marcus Gaab
Rick Giles
Matt Gunther
Tim Gutt
Jason Hetherington
Pieter Hugo
Ingvar Kenne
Daniel Klajmic
William Lamson
Jean-Yves Lemoigne
Finlay MacKay
Cellina von Mannstein
Satoshi Minakawa
Matthew Monteith
Tanit Plana
Thirza Schaap
Laurent Seroussi
David Slijper
Ewen Spencer
Klaus Thymann
Albrecht T├╝bke
Shoji Uchida
Li Wei
Andrew Zuckerman

New Photographers 2007

We have a modest objective behind New Photographers 2006. We want to reveal artists who could help transform the advertising we see next year.
We raided the thoughts of our directors of photography and various wise friends around the advertising and creative industries worldwide. We sifted their information and we sifted the siftings. Finally, we arrived at the magic number of 30 photographers.
Obviously our magic 30 could have been 29 or 31 or your own magic number. We are not dealing with absolutes, but directions. And here is a group that represents new directions: we hope they will inspire you, perhaps even work with you.
Some are local stars meriting a larger stage. Some are big in editorial or art but could excite advertising. Some are just hot.
Handle with care: there are images in these portfolios that might give you strange visions.
At least, we hope so.

SVP Group Creative Director
Lewis Blackwell
Getty Images

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