NYC Parks Commissioner Robert Moses, New York, 1951. 3232807, Esther Bubley
GI: You photographed Robert Moses a couple of times. Can you talk about your background with Moses?

AN: Robert Moses was a wealthy man who more or less went into politics. He wanted to rebuild New York City. He started building roads to make it easier for traffic. What he didn't envision was the fact that the more roads and bridges and things he built, the more people bought cars and made the roads even more crowded.

Down the block from where we live is Tavern on the Green and a playground where all the families on our block played with their kids. Moses decided that Tavern on the Green needed more parking space. He was going to bring in bulldozers and knock all the trees down so he could build a parking lot alongside the playground. My wife and I were very involved in a well-publicized protest that contributed to Moses backing down.

After that, I was asked to photograph him by Holiday magazine.

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