Composer Igor Stravinsky, New York, December 1, 1946. 50838199, Arnold Newman
GI: Capturing the essence of what they do is important to capturing who they are?

AN: For example, I photographed the head of a factory in the Midwest, the chairman of the board, in front of a big assembly line. Now, he doesn't work on the assembly line, but the assembly line is a product of his executive orders. And it worked and he accepted it and he liked it. But everybody knew it was, you might say, a symbolic portrait.

Like my portrait of Stravinsky. It's not really an environmental ... you know I'm called the father of the environmental portrait?

GI: Yes. What do you think of that label?

AN: I don't mind the label, but I also do other things -- I do abstractions, still lives and photojournalism (like my book on Stravinsky).

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