Folk artist Grandma Moses, Eagle Bridge, NY, October 1, 1949. 1951923, Arnold Newman
GI: There's a photograph you took of the folk artist Grandma Moses that bears a strong resemblance to a painting by James Abbott McNeill Whistler: Arrangement in Grey and Black, commonly known as Whistler's Mother. Was this intentional on your part?

AN: You're not the first one who's thought this. The photograph of Grandma Moses had nothing to do with Arrangement in Grey and Black.

Grandma Moses was sitting in that chair, and I was told by her family that's where she generally sat in the evening. I thought that little niche in her house echoed the na´ve look of her paintings. I didn't want to take her out around the farms and photograph her that way. She was a painter who worked inside, so showing her out in the fields was not part of showing how she worked.

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