President John F. Kennedy, Washington D.C., November 28, 1961. 1944937, Arnold Newm
GI: You seem to have a gift for connecting with all kinds of people.

AN: I've learned a lot about putting people at ease. Working with people, even famous people, never troubled me. If you're frightened by the idea of photographing a president or somebody like that, then you'd better give up photography. You have to be in control, but know your place -- you know, you say, "Mr. President." You don't say, "Hey, Jack."

If I'm going to photograph a person, I'll look them up in Who's Who or in articles. Or I'll get into a casual conversation with their secretaries and ask them a few questions. Where did he go to school? What are his hobbies? I have something to talk about then, and they relax.

I say, "Why don't you sit over here for a minute while I get set up." I actually am set up -- I've got the composition all worked out. I sit them down where I want, and they get bored and start looking around, and then suddenly I say, "If you move, I'll kill you."

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