Pablo Picasso (left) and Newman, Vallauris, France, June 2, 1954. 1951267, Arnold Newman
GI: You're as well-known and well-respected as the artists, leaders and celebrities you photograph. How do you react when somebody photographs you because you're a notable figure?

AN: I can't get used to it. Really. It always startles me.

GI: Is it hard to give up control to somebody else?

AN: No. I let them do what they want -- I don't want anybody telling me how to take a picture of them. Anybody that I'm going to let take my picture, I let them do it.
And some of them are good photographers. There was one little old lady and she fumbled around and fumbled around and I thought, "Oh god, why did I let her do this." Then I saw a couple of her pictures and there were some good portraits of me. So you never can tell.

GI: And you don't think of yourself as a famous person?

AN: No, I feel embarrassed by that. And if I started to think that way, even my 16-year-old granddaughter would kick my backside.

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