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In 1905 the world of science was changed forever when Albert Einstein published the first of five papers advancing his revolutionary theory of relativity.

The world's most famous equation, E=mc², earned Einstein two Nobel prizes, while making him a cultural icon.

To mark the centennial of this milestone discovery, and in recognition of the 50th anniversary of his death, we have obtained exclusive color film footage of Einstein along with new, rarely seen images.
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About the film:
This footage was discovered in the home movie library of Leo Mattersdorf, who was an accountant and personal friend of Einstein. The clip itself is from an annual event hosted by Einstein at his home in Princeton . It shows the great scientist in an informal setting, having fun and relaxing. It is also the only known color footage available for licensing and distribution.

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About the images:
Some key moments captured in our collection of Einstein images: swearing the oath of allegiance to become a US citizen, at home in his study, a letter describing his concerns about the atomic bomb, a rare shot of him laughing, playing an instrument, lecturing and more.

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