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IMAGES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Portfolio imagery courtesy of Leo Maguire
Winning Project:
Lords of the Lanes
Leo Maguire's photojournalism project "Lords of the Lane" will focus on the world of Gypsy bare-knuckle fighters in England. His Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography enables him to examine the romance and tradition of a culture based on brutal values, where fighters would rather die than lose face or money. Maguire will explore the pressure these fighters experience to stay on top, how they maintain their entourage and interact with family, lovers and more traditional society. Their scene includes dog fighting, hare coursing, drinking and betting, providing opportunity to document exotic and unique experiences found literally in the photographer's backyard. Maguire is from Bristol, England, UK.
Born in 1981, Leo Maguire studied Documentary Photography at Newport University in Wales and fell in love with the world of photojournalism.

For his first-year project, he immersed himself into the world of an S&M parlor in London, gaining incredible access. His second-year project documented the harsh reality of hard drugs on peoples' lives in his home city. That essay was commended by the Ian Parry Scholarship program. Maguire travelled to the tsunami-stricken area of Banda Ache in Indonesia for his third-year project.

During a year's hiatus from taking pictures, Maguire supported himself by doing construction work. He then shot "Master, His Dog and I" and attended Visa Pour l'Image, in Perpignan, where he realized that photography is the love of his life and that without its challenges, he would never be truly happy and content.

Maguire feels that his ability to be accepted by his subjects as a trusted, non-judgmental person allows them to share their lives with him, even in the most unusual and challenging situations.
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