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Portfolio imagery courtesy of Jonathan Lowenstein
Winning Project:
Shadow Lives USA
"Shadow Lives USA" is Jonathan Lowenstein's winning photojournalism project, documenting six different issues facing those trying to enter the United States across the US-Mexico border. In a highly polarized environment, Lowenstein proposes that it is crucial to insert nuanced and sensitive depictions of undocumented workers' experiences into the debate about US immigration policy. His extensive travel and long-term commitment to document the plight of illegal immigrants enable him to build lasting connections with the men and women who reside in the shadows of US society. He plans to complete the project by June of 2008 with the help of his Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography. Lowenstein is based in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Jon Lowenstein has been a photographer for more than ten years. He specializes in long-term, in-depth, documentary photographic projects which question the status quo. He also believes strongly in documentary photojournalism's ability to affect social change. Most of all, he loves people and photography.

Lowenstein has studied at the Universidad del Pais Vasco San Sebastian, in Spain, and is a graduate of the University of Iowa and Columbia College. He has been a staff photographer at newspapers including The Arizona Republic and has lectured with numerous professional organizations and journalism schools throughout the United States.

In December 1999, Lowenstein was chosen as one of eight staff photographers for the CITY 2000 (Chicago In The Year 2000) project, during which time he started an ongoing project about Mexican day laborers in Chicago. Recently, he completed work on his first book, which explores the lives of developmentally disabled people in Illinois.

Jon currently teaches photography to middle-school students at Paul Revere Elementary School and helps publish Our Streets, a community newspaper documenting the nearby South Side Chicago community.

His awards include four Pictures of the Year and two World Press Photo awards, a Fellowship from USC Annenberg's Institute for Justice and Journalism and a Nikon Sabbatical Grant. He participated in the Open Society Institute's Moving Walls Exhibitions from 2002 through 2005.

Lowenstein's work has appeared in publications including Mother Jones, Time, US News and World Report, Fortune, Elle, Ladies Home Journal, Kiplinger's Business Journal, The New York Times, and Chicago Magazine.
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