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Grant documentary work courtesy of Ziyah Gafic
Grant Use Summary (by Ziyah Gafic):
Troubled Islam – Short Stories From Troubled Societies
I've been working on “Troubled Islam” for nearly seven years. Funding and keeping momentum on a project spanning three continents and nine countries became increasingly difficult, so the Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography came as last-minute relief, enabling me to complete the last chapter of the project – Lebanon.

The absolute freedom and no-strings-attached nature of the grant allowed me to keep working in a manner I found suitable and, most importantly, kept me financially independent to pursue the story on Lebanon in the way I wanted.

While it's difficult to balance publications’ agendas and one's personal agenda and interests, the Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography is a great vehicle to keep independent and personal work moving forward. Beside the monetary value of the grant, I found the selection process, propositions and, above all, the credentials and renown of jury members equally important, because in a way they guarantee future visibility and extremely high quality of awarded projects.
Born in 1980 in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Gafic began his professional photography career in 2001 after gaining a degree in world literature from Sarajevo University. He focuses on societies in conflict and transition, and the aftermath of war. Since 1999, he has completed projects in his native Bosnia as well as Palestine, Israel, Kurdistan, Iraq, Ossetia, Rwanda, Chechnya and Afghanistan.

Gafic's work has appeared in Liberation, Le Monde 2, La Reppublica, Photo, Telegraph Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Tank, L'Espresso and Newsweek. His photo essay on the aftermath of the Bosnian war was published in Tales from a Globalizing World by Thames & Hudson. His photographs are also included in The Photograph as Contemporary Art, both published by Thames & Hudson.

Gafic won the Ian Parry Scholarship in 2001 and attended World Press Photo's Joop Swart Masterclass. In 2002, he won Kodak's Award for Young Reporters and several World Press Photo honors, exhibited at Visa Pour l'Image Festival of Photojournalism in Perpignan, France. Photo District News named Gafic an Emerging Artist in 2003. That same year he won Grand Prix Discovery of the Year at Rencontres du Photographie Arles. In 2005, Gafic's work in Chechnya received the Giacomelli Memorial Fund award and, the following year, he was nominated for UNICEF's Photographer of the Year.

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