Above: London, July 7, 2005: Four bombs exploded in three subway stations and on a bus during London’s morning rush hour killing 52 people and wounding hundreds.  Julian Broad

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I was fascinated by your article on citizen journalists, ‘Shot from Both Sides’ (Edit 5). Although these snapshots may mean professionals lose the ‘first bite of the cherry’, I believe they may help reengage the public with a news media which is seen as untrustworthy.

However, the practice raises legal and ethical issues. Professionals may sometimes break the rules, but at least they know what they are and are experienced enough to make judgments on the spot. Amateurs are not, and may be tempted to go further. If they are chance witness to historic events, they may intrude into moments of private grief.

The publication of pictures such as the suicide of London lawyer Katherine Ward (although taken by a passing professional) may encourage the worst kind of intrusion by unwitting amateurs. We are continually threatened with the possibility of privacy laws, through human rights legislation and judgments made in the House of Lords and European courts. If we encourage citizen journalism, we may ultimately pay a very high price.

Amy Binns, Journalism Lecturer, University of Huddersfield

Good and bad
I’ve been reading Edit for some time now and I wanted to congratulate you on the quality and variety of the content - the combination of info about trends, artists, technology and creative agencies, Spanish as well as international. This international focus really adds value.

On the weak side, I think that the navigation on the Web site can be enhanced, I always realize that I miss a lot of interesting stuff.

Federico Baró Freelance Graphic Designer, Madrid

Thanks Federico. We’re always looking to improve the webzine and would love to hear your ideas. Meanwhile, check out the new interactive features in the current issue. Comments about the webzine or magazine can be sent to edit@gettyimages.com.

Faking it
I read the ‘True Lies’ article (Edit 5) and I think it’s a shame you didn’t cover retouching celebrity pictures with Photoshop. When you try and distinguish the truth from the lies in a star picture, I believe it’s the last border a photographer can cross. This falsified truth opens a new debate: How far should we tone down the truth in favor of aesthetics? Charlotte Chambon Assistant Producer IMG, London


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