This issue's RMX has been created by Francesco Meneghini at Fabrica.
Artist, graphic and motion designer, Francesco is currently consulting at Fabrica, the Benetton group communications research center. Francesco has been creative director of events including Art First (Bologna, 2004), Fabrica Exhibition (Los Angeles, 2004) and Speak Truth To Power (Mantua, Florence, Rome, 2004) and has collaborated with a variety of foundations and international artists, such as the Kennedy Foundation, Lucio Dalla, La Fura Dels Baus and Heiner Goebbles.

Music by
Andrés Reymondes Mutti at Fabrica is a 27 year old composer born in Buenos Aires. He has participated at the Venice Biennale 2004/ 2005, Torino and Trieste Film Festivals and the Biennale Adriatica di Arte Nuove. He lives in Italy where he works for Fabrica, as composer and sound designer for films, documentaries and installations.

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