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Map Report
The choice of environmental-related marketing as the subject for our second MAP Report (shorthand for what Makes A Picture) was almost made for us. Few global issues are as dominant or affect us as deeply as the environment. And marketing around this often thorny topic poses particular risks as well as rewards.

The report reflects a year’s worth of work, spanning all continents, on the part of our Creative Research team. In creating it, we pulled 2,500 ads – 1,500 of which are included – interviewed trend experts like Marian Salzman and Simran Sethi and partnered with industry leader Yankelovich Research on a large-scale consumer survey.

The result is the only comprehensive collection of green advertising available, one that identifies the trends that will be shaping communications worldwide – and suggests directions to help keep your work ahead of the curve.

Map Report 1
Our first MAP Report examines consumers’ desire for anchorage in an increasingly unstable world, for control in an age of information overload – for a sense of, as the report is titled, One Life. Among the key trends addressed are the return to religious beliefs, a sense of interrelatedness and the influence of women in the workplace.
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Trends explored:
• Belief shelters
• Sense of self
• The body as sanctuary
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Trends explored:
• Women and the
• Leadership
• Corporate life